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01_25_2022_marmalade_541 copy.jpg
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Frost Collection


mixed medium 

Inspired by Thiebaud pastry paintings, I fell in love with frosting my canvases before painting them and exploring which materials work in tandem with this material.  The minimal bold lines and splashes of color have been my obsession of late. 

01_25_2022_marmalade_599 copy.jpg
01_25_2022_marmalade_610 copy.jpg
01_25_2022_marmalade_612 copy.jpg

Marmalade Clothing 

"Bringing the gallery to the streets"


acrylic pait and fabric medium on jean and leather jackets 

I paint peoples' bodies to help them feel more in tune with them.  I love the process of becoming more embodied.  I have met so many people that struggle to feel connected to their bodies and I love being able to foster that connection.  You can see many more jacket paintings at


glass and wax make my body 


tea candles hot wax mixed with acrylic paint and poured onto found glass 

The process of glass and wax  involved sitting down naked to draw my body, lighting and surrounding myself with tea candles, mixing the hot wax with acrylic paints and carefully pouring my image with hot molten colors.  The result is a double image that can be viewed from both sides.  


nude portrait


acrylic and oil on canvas

When you don't want to see the light, it can be terrifying to be faced with it.  This was the inspiration for this piece.  And yet it is the light and the shadows from our being and our resistance that bring out such beautiful texture. 

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