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old couple paris
paris market oranges
calarts hall
annie and blanket
red suitcase paris
red shoes
dad and kfc
woman and red carpet
sandeeps art
dog and gravel
white gallery
man and car
yellow pants paris
pom poms and stone
woman and poster paris
yellow in venice
rangers in verdon
me and stone
parisian mailing
yellow shoes paris
parisian and meat
parisian and cheese
parisian shoes shirt door
red coat red door paris
two jackets and sky
very colorful
the very first one
shoes and leaves
skirt and sky horse event
hijab and washer
nola man and dog
backpack pomona building poster
broad 2

color diary 

2014 - present 

photographic diary 

this project began as a private practice in appreciation of the awe i felt seeing the colors around me. it became a way to remind myself of the beauty in the world.  i became obsessed - always watching for colors to collide in space for only a split second and depending on where i was standing.  the more photos i missed, the more opportunities i saw of seemingly unrelated things coming harmoniously together in a symphony of color.  

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